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HBCU Conference Realignment: MEAC/CIAA - Central Eastern Coast Athletic Association


THE MEAC and CIAA Win Too!!

We must first recognize and acknowledge that the CIAA Basketball tournament is the best basketball tournament in the world!  Nothing else compares.  This is the only post season tournament that generally sells out or is close to selling out each day.  The excitement, the crowds, and the history make these the best basketball games by far of any conference.  The greatest east coast conference would be a rejoining of forces from the MEAC and CIAA.  This article focuses on what we think is the strength of the conference, BASKETBALL.




Bowie State University

Norfolk State

Chowan University

Morgan State

Hampton University

Delaware State

Elizabeth City State University

Howard University

Fayetteville State University

Maryland Eastern Shore

Johnson C. Smith University

Coppin State University

Lincoln University

Lincoln University

Livingstone College

Winston-Salem State University

Shaw University

Virginia Union University

Saint Augustine's University

Virginia State University


Because we are focusing on basketball let's look at what our writers have experienced at conference home games and the CIAA tournament and the MEAC tournament:

As far as the regular season goes, since the gyms are smaller, the crowds are much rowdier and way more fun than any other conference when it comes to basketball.  These arenas and the fans make for an exceptional basketball experience in person and on television.  No other conference can compare in this day and age.  The only conference that could have come close, is the old school Big East Conference (1979-2013).  With the teams in this Dream East Coast super conference, the revenue would be enormous.  The conference regular season would be ridiculous and the tournament would be even better.


This new map of the CIAA/MEAC starts at North Carolina and essentially ends in the DC-Maryland-Virginia Area (DMV).  This conference would truly be tightly packed and powerful entity.  The CIAA has played its most recent tournament in the DMV, so it would be a great fit.  The travel during basketball would be great for the fans and the schools.  More rivalry means more revenue.  More revenue means better athletes and facilities.  Our writers believe this idea should happen and that it is being discussed.  There have been multiple schools stating that they are not considering a move like this, so that means somebody is talking about it.


Having many of the former members return from the MEAC would be great.  The newly formed conference would pit the old guard against the new/returning schools.  The alignment would make for instant drama.  The current CIAA schools welcoming their brothers home would be a great story line.  The returning institutions coming back home bigger, stronger, and wiser.  The returning schools acting like a brother who says, “You know I used to kick your butt.”  With the brothers that stayed at home saying, “I’m grown now, bring it on!”


The MEAC-CIAA Conference would have a great opportunity to market a television package.  It is what our readers would want.  A small compact area full of great sports.  These schools would be able to sell a sports network with ease. 

We have not forgotten about the SIAC.  We will discuss the moves the SIAC should make.



[Updated on October 12, 2022]

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