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HBCU Conference Realignment: Phase Two - SWAC Expansion




West - Old School

East - New School

Southern University

Grambling State University

Alcorn State University

Mississippi Valley State University

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Prairie View A&M

Texas Southern University

Jackson State

Florida A&M University

Bethune-Cookman University

Alabama State University

Alabama A&M University

Tennessee State University

South Carolina State University

North Carolina A&T

North Carolina Central

This new expansion could open the doors for the Ultimate football HBCU power conference.  In this ultimate scenario, there are two conferences under one umbrella.  They both need each other to get the ultimate revenue they cannot get alone.  This super sexy conference would have everything!  The best athletes will continue coming back to this HBCU Power Conference.   These schools will get the kids who used to go to Power 5 schools and sit the bench.  Power 5 schools will no longer be able to stockpile athletes.  Student-Athletes will see more HBCU players on live TV and on videos all over social media.  Once they see the notoriety and attention, they will want that same exposure. 

SWAC schools will have the recognition they had in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.  The new conference will be able to increase revenue by having its own network and having TV deals with existing networks.  Being able to be seen on National T.V. more than a buddy who attends a Mid-major just makes more sense.  HBCU football is a better sell because it is cultural.  All of the mid majors are just local and regional.  This conference will be much more marketable than any other conference.  The only conference that could have more visibility would be the SEC. 

This new conference could easily compete with every conference, including the Power 5, and eventually the SEC.  Let's tell the truth, the SEC is only as good as it is because it started recruiting SWAC players.  The SEC wouldn't recruit Black linemen, quarterbacks, and linebackers heavily, until the 1990's. The older generation of SWAC coaches acknowledged the decline of HBCU football didn't truly start until they started losing the offensive and defensive linemen.   Coach Marino Casem stated looking at SEC schools was like looking at his Alcorn State University's, Jackson State's, and Grambling's offensive and defensive lines in the 1960's through 1990's.

The new SWAC conference will get droves of transfers from all conferences because of the visibility.  The number of draft picks will increase because there will be more talented players actually playing on Saturdays at HBCU’s again.  These players sitting on a bench at the power 5 schools, hoping someone gets hurt, will find a real home at the SWAC schools.

This conference would be so great, there would be no need for “money games.”  Money games will phase out because the depth at the Power 5 schools will diminish and so will revenue.  With all of the kids transferring looking for greener grass, coaches won't know what kind of team they have, until it hits the field.  This uncertainty added to the strengthening of HBCU’s, would cause these schools to be extremely cautious when playing teams in the SWAC.  The perfect example is Jackson State’s close game against UL Monroe.  Jackson State's close loss early in the season has caused the larger schools to shy away from taking a “L” from a school it would have easily beat in the past.  Any losses would then cause those big schools to start competing for players. 

With the legalization of pay for play (NIL) more SWAC schools will be able to pluck better athletes because there are only so many opportunities for money out there.  The addition of one or two high profile athletes can make an enormous difference in any program.

This ultimate conference makes all the sense in the world because it will make money!  Conference realignment is all about the money.  There is plenty to be made, if the SWAC can pull this off!

The Basketball Conference we are proposing will make hoop fans' heads spin!!



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