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American Refugee


Have you ever felt like an outsider in your own country? Have you ever experienced vacant streets, empty buildings, sparse store shelves and price gouging for gas, goods and services? The answer is “Yes”! We all have, especially during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown. Because of this collective experience you will definitely be able to identify with some of the struggles in American Refugee.

This thriller centers around an estranged husband and wife team portrayed by Erika Alexander from “Living Single” and Derek Luke from “Antwon Fisher”. They are on the run after the American economy collapses, criminals are on the loose and the nation is operating under martial law. "Helen” and ”Greg” along with their son and daughter are seeking shelter in a suspicious neighbor’s bunker. While on lockdown they find that the danger inside is potentially greater than the danger on the outside. “Helen” is a mother, a wife, a nurse and a woman that’s fed up. At a critical moment in the bunker she has to morph into all of them at once to try and save her family. She taps into her female intuition as she strategizes to diffuse a trigger happy kidnapper that constantly threatens that “Everybody’s gotta bring something to the table....or else!”

American Refugee stars: Erika Alexander as Helen Taylor, Derek Luke as Greg Taylor, Sam Trammell as Winter, Charity Jordan as Brooke, Zamani Wilder as Zoe Taylor, and directed by Ali LeRoi.

This film is available on most streaming services: Amazon, Hulu, Apple, Microsoft, Epix.

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