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Destination NOIRE: Love And Travel


This hidden gem in New Orleans did not disappoint. It was a perfect Valentine’s Day weekend date night location to enjoy some time with your Valentine. 

This gem named Double Dealer is a speakeasy that’s hidden but doesn’t require a secret password. Located on Roosevelt Way in New Orleans CBD. It has a 1920s feel with specialty cocktails. 

When entering the bar you’ll notice the infinity mirrors which swings open to what is called a Green Room. Here is where the live entertainment is held. 

The decor in the Green Room consist of beautiful costumes from the 1920s and comfortable sofa seating to enjoy cocktails and live entertainment. 

In the rear of the speakeasy sits poker room that is illuminated by pillar candles. It’s a private area to have drinks with friends, if you want to be away from the crowd in the Green Room. 

If you’re ever in Nola and looking for a lounge that’s intimate and has some exclusivity, check out Double Dealer. 

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All Comments (4)
  • Aniya     2 years ago
         Is this place good for a girls night?
    • T. Denise     2 years ago
           It depends on what type of vibe you are looking for. It’s a laid back vibe. A place to have cocktails and listen to smooth live entertainment.
  • Jazzy     2 years ago
         I will definitely have to try this place when I come to Nawlins!
    • T. Denise     2 years ago
           Yes! You will love it!



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