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Rap Sh!t!

Issa’ reality that we’ve all been feeling a little “insecure” since the big finale of the series that featured our favorite West coast friends. But if the television gods are on our side we may get another dose of the signature cinematic storytelling vibe in the new HBO Max series “Rap Sh!t” While still working on “Insecure” Issa Rae decided that she did not want to star in another television project that she also created. That experience proved to be entirely too taxing for her. So as a result she only put on her producer’s hat to explore the world of hip hop from the female rapper’s perspective in “Rap Sh!t” Back in the day it appeared to only be room for one or two women at a time. And unfortunately the industry pitted them against one another. Fast forward to today their is an influx of female rappers. Several are accused of leading with sex but some are definitely leading with a lyrical flow. Whatever your flavor is - one noticeable positive outcome is that there are ongoing musical collaborations among women, which will hopefully demolish the rap beef within the sisterhood. One of the current tools for success in the music industry is social media. This technology has created superstars from just a few freestyle bars. Going “LIVE” has proven to change lives and that’s the pivotal moment that kicks off this new series “Rap Sh!t” It follows two former high school friends from Miami who reconnect and decide to form a rap duo - Shawna (Aida Osman) and Mia (KaMillion). The journey highlights their goal to make money while turning their undefined talents into a successful brand. It’s loosely based on the lives of the Miami rappers “City Girls”. Yung Miami and JT of the group are Issa Rae’s inspiration for this project and are both consultants on the series. HBO Max has picked up eight-episodes for this new half-hour series based in Miami. The industry buzz about this project has been really explosive. Reports show that the production has already received over 12 million dollars in incentives for a season 2 if it is relocated to California. We will have to wait to see what unfolds for “Rap Sh!t” in the near future. But for the time being we can check out the new season premiere on Thursday, July 21st only on HBO Max. Log on today for a free trial!
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