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Welcome To NOIRE: Your Digital Village Of Life And Culture


By: Noire Senior Staff

BATON ROUGE, La — The internet just got a little more exciting with the launch of Noire, an online platform exploring the latest news and events important to the black community.

The platform soft-launched on Nov. 1, with an official launch of the site scheduled for January.

Noire features content in a variety of areas including news, sports, business, beauty, fashion, health, wellness, and entertainment. The stories on the platform feature the information most pertinent to the black community and highlight positive stories traditionally not covered in the media.

The road to Noire began five years ago when publishers Genara and Daniel Morris began reflecting on the images they saw of the black community in the media.

“Everywhere we looked, we noticed the negative imagery and news associated with the black community,” Genara Morris said. “Our community was not represented in the way we knew it to be. We know the black experience is a tapestry made up of so many positive, life-affirming things. And it was important to us for everyone to know that.”

The Morrises, a married pair of attorneys with two children, made the decision to create a digital platform that celebrated the best of the black community. Their dream centered around developing an online gathering place where readers could become a part of a “village” rooted in unity.

Once they identified their goal, the couple set about identifying a team to help bring the website to life. Over the next three years, they assembled a team of experienced journalists, marketers, website developers, and social media managers to bring the dream to life. Together, the team set out to bring the Morris’ dream to life. The first order of business — creating a tagline to capture Noire’s essence.

“We chose the mantra, ‘Our Lives, Our Stories, Our Voices.’ to be our rally cry,” Daniel Morris said. “The dream has always been for Noire to amplify the pride and excellence in the Black community. We want to highlight great achievements in all areas of life. That’s what Noire is about.”

According to Genara Morris, the goal is to uplift and inform readers and shed light on the nuances of all aspects of black life.

“It’s important to us that our community understands that we are more than what the world is traditionally shown. Our families are thriving. Our kids are achieving great things. Our people have wide-ranging talents. The world needs to see us in our true light,” she said.

While Noire sets about its mission of uplifting and empowering now that the platform has launched, its publishers are already planning for the next phase of development. What’s on the horizon? A robust internship program for journalism students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) is being finalized and a marketplace for black-owned businesses is in the works.

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